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An introduction to Brilliantcrypto’s gameplay and objectives

4 min readOct 20, 2023
A pickaxe in the game striking rock
Let’s talk about the experience.

What is it like to mine for digital gemstones in Brilliantcrypto?

We’ve already run several Closed Beta Tests to-date, but not everyone who applied was able to play. If you haven’t played Brilliantcrypto yet, it might be hard to imagine how the mining unfolds in-game.

The truth is, it’s not a simple matter to find gemstones in Brilliantcrypto. You’ll need to use your knowledge, items, and all of your wit to unearth them. First, let’s start with the knowledge.

Getting Started with Mining

As in real life, not all areas of the mountain in Brilliantcrypto are created equal. Different areas have different types of rock — each with a distinctive appearance and hardness. At the beginning, it is generally recommended to start with the softer rock in order to progress deeper into the mountain. An example of softer rock is shown below.

A pickaxe mining the soft rock on the outside of a mountain.
Softer rock being mined, with harder rock on the outskirts.

As you mine, you’ll gain experience points. Gain enough, and you’ll level up, allowing you to increase the following stats:

Mining Speed: The time it takes for 1 full swing of the pickaxe to complete.
Mining Power: A number showing how many swings needed to break rock.
Detector Range: The radius at which your Detector detects Gemstone Ore.

Furthermore, hidden within the softer rock are small, yellow “EXP Stones.” Through acquiring these, you’ll gain a large amount of experience in one go. Searching for these early on in the game will make your life a lot easier when you go hunting for gemstones later on.

A pickaxe mining an EXP stone in Brilliantcrypto
An EXP Stone. Mine them early on to give your stats a boost.

Types of Gemstone and How to Find Them

In order to find gemstones, you’ll have to master the detector first. Without it, you won’t have a hope of finding gemstones in the deep, deep mine. You’ll need to explore while equipping the detector — if Gemstone Ore comes into range, it will begin to beep and blink slowly. The closer you get to the Ore, the quicker it becomes! By paying close attention to the detector, you’ll be able to uncover the location of gemstones more easily.

Mine through the rock to discover the source of the beeping and you’ll eventually discover the Gemstone Ore. By chipping away at the Ore, you’ll be able to find the stone hidden within.

The detector glowing gold having found a gemstone

However, there are two different types of gemstone in Brilliantcrypto:

Rough Gemstones
These precious gems are the “Digital Gemstones” generated through mining, and are the objective of the game. These gemstones take the form of Diamonds, Aquamarines etc., and have their own individual attributes. By mining them, you generate new value for yourself and potential buyers. Read this article for more information on Digital Gemstones.

Brilliantstones are the driver of the in-game economy of the game and are a side-reward for playing. They will be exchangeable for the projects’ token, which is planned to launch after the game’s release in Q1 2024. You will be able to use them as in-game as well as trade them with others.

Blue Gem Ore, a Rough Gemstone, and a Brilliantstone from left to right
From left to right: Gemstone Ore, Rough Gemstone, Brilliantstone

About Pickaxes and Scholarship

You’ll need to own an NFT Pickaxe in order to play Brilliantcrypto, but if you don’t want to purchase one, you can borrow a pickaxe through the in-game menu and mine on behalf of someone else. In return, you’ll earn tokens, with which you can purchase your own pickaxe to mine gemstones.

In other NFT games, you’ll need to manually search for and negotiate with people through online communities. As you can borrow in-game with no complications, and use the system to earn your own pickaxe, this makes Brilliantcrypto essentially a free-to-play experience.

Now that you’ve read all about Brilliantcrypto, why not take a look at the video below for an exclusive gameplay showcase?

A short introduction to Brilliantcrypto’s gameplay

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