Brilliantcrypto x Paris Saint-Germain

Learn more about this groundbreaking partnership.

3 min readNov 7, 2023
Paris Saint-Germain bursts onto the scene of digital gemstones.

What is the relationship between football players and Brilliantcrypto?

As you can see from the video above, some of Paris Saint-Germain players (season 22/23) were pretty interested to discover Brilliantcrypto gemstones. But this doesn’t tell us how the partnership came to be.

Brilliantcrypto, Inc., the company behind the game, is the subsidiary of a large gaming organization called Colopl, Inc, which has specialized in the domestic market of Japan. But Brilliantcrypto intends to market the game globally, as blockchain has no borders. In order to achieve this and gain recognition on the world stage, the game needed a strong global partner.

Enter Paris Saint-Germain.

Video released 21/08/2023 (previous to squad changes)

Paris Saint-Germain is France’s most successful football club having won a total of 47 trophies since its inception. Some of the greatest names in international football history have played there, including Ronaldinho, David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and more recently Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr.

In other words, with many star football players from countries from all around the world, Paris Saint-Germain is the perfect partner to help Brilliantcrypto burst onto the global stage.

Additionally, Paris Saint-Germain’s global footprint in regions such as Latin America and Asia further increases the potential for a successful partnership.

During the official reveal of Brilliantcrypto at WebX Japan 2023, a talk session was held with two representatives of the club, Managing Director of Paris Saint-Germain in Asia Pacific, Sébastien Wasels, and former Paris Saint-Germain and Cameroon player, Patrick M’boma.

From left to right; Sébastien Wasels, Naruatsu Baba, Patrick M’boma

Sébastien Wasels made this comment in a previous press release.

It is an honor to have an ambitious partner like Brilliantcrypto place its trust in our Club to promote its brand and bring forth a revolutionary game that will allow our fans around the world to interact with the club on a whole new level.

Meanwhile, Naruatsu Baba, CEO of Brilliantcrypto had this to say.

I am very pleased that we have partnered with Paris Saint-Germain, a top global brand known for innovation that is directly getting involved with web3. Through this partnership… we plan to generate lots of excitement across the world.

So far, Brilliantcrypto has carried out some exciting campaigns with Paris Saint-Germain, including giving out signed jerseys from the players, and sending Brilliantcrypto Beta Tests players to Paris to watch the team play at Parc des Princes.

Furthermore, those from most regions watching matches of Paris Saint-Germain can see Brilliantcrypto’s branding being displayed around the stadium. We hope the Brilliantcrypto power helps power the team’s performance to greater heights!

Brilliantcrypto branding being virtually displayed in the Paris Saint-Germain stadium, Parc des Princes.

Brilliantcrypto plans to carry out many more successful collaborations and promotional campaigns with Paris Saint-Germain, to build the global presence of the game, and spread the message of Digital Gemstones.

Aside from user acquisition, Brilliantcrypto’s current users are also quickly becoming passionate fans of the club, with the Discord server coming together to support them every time they play.

It’s clear there is a bright future ahead for our partnership and the game.

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