How Brilliantcrypto Aims to Bring Authentic, Digital Gemstones to Life

This is where digital gemstones begin.

3 min readOct 13, 2023
Grab your pickaxe and head for the mines.

Brilliantcrypto is a 3D realistic mining simulation game.

In this world, you’ll dive deep into mysterious mountains and glistening cave systems. Your goal is to mine authentic, digital gemstones with real value and scarcity.

If you get lucky, you might uncover a gemstone so unique that it will never be seen again. It’s rightfully yours to keep forever as digital data — unless someone offers you the right price.

There are those who may want to purchase the diamonds and aquamarines you’ve found in the mines, to hold onto, or to wear in the digital world. Find something they want, and that’s how you “Play-to-Earn.”

This is what it’s really all about.

Do you own any jewelry? Or perhaps, do you know someone who does? Chances are, if you know anyone who’s married, they might wear a diamond ring on their finger.

Gemstones in real life have great value as investment assets, luxury items, and cultural assets in real life. But no one has succeeded in replicating this value for digital gemstones.

If you play mobile games at all, you might have seen “gems” being used as in-game currency. And some people pay a set-price to purchase those gems. But they’re not unique or authentic, and certainly not beautiful.

That’s what our project aims to realize: authentic, digital gemstones that are truly beautiful and scarce.

There is something that has come close to digitizing a type of rare metal. You might have heard of this one as the most famous cryptocurrency of all time: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, which has economic value, is generated through the “Proof of Work” mechanism. This process is where powerful computers around the world complete calculations in order to “mine” Bitcoin.

On the other hand, Brilliantcrypto’s gemstones are generated through the “Proof of Gaming” mechanism. Instead of doing calculations to mine, though, you’ll be actually mining with a pickaxe. In the game.

By using a similar mechanism to Bitcoin, the most popular and expensive crypto-asset in history, Brilliantcrypto aims to build value for digital gemstones that will rival their value in the real world.

We want to make a future where anyone can mine in-game or purchase gemstones on the marketplace, and wear/use them across many metaverse worlds. The possibilities are endless.

This is a project with a big vision for the future. Will you be early, or will you be late?

We look forward to seeing you join us in the mines.

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